TNT Cancels Memphis Beat

TNT has canceled the Jason Lee series Memphis Beat after two seasons. Honestly, this came as a bit of a shock to me as I always assumed the show had decent ratings. Apparently, the ratings dropped before the season (now series) finale in August.

“The network thanks everyone involved in the production of Memphis Beat for their work on the series, including the great cast and crew,” the network said in a statement. “TNT wishes everyone the best.”

The show revolved around Lee as a Memphis, Tennessee police detective and showcased various Memphis landmarks and music throughout the series. While the storyline of Lee as an amateur musician was a bit cheesy (they worked in a song that was “sung” by Lee in each episode), the show was a pretty good procedural. I’m actually sad to see this show go.

Fans of Lee can see the actor guest on NBC’s Up All Night where he will play a love interest for Maya Rudolph.

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