USA Sets Return Date for Fairly Legal, In Plain Sight

fairly legalUSA has set the premiere dates for the legal drama Fairly Legal and the Witness Protection drama In Plain Sight. The fifth and final season premiere of In Plain Sight and the sophomore opener of Fairly Legal will premiere on Friday, March 16th.

The final season of In Plain Sight will span 13 episodes and will answer the question of whether or not Mary can raise a child while battling the uncooperative witnesses of Witness Protection.

Aussie actor Ryan Johnson will join Fairly Legal as a hustling, up-and-coming trial attorney who will present Kate with new conflict and potential hot romance,

The decision to schedule the two shows on Friday was a big one. USA has not had a Friday show since Monk went off the air. In a question from a fan on Twitter, Senior Vice President of Research Ted Linhart responded to the Friday question with the following:

“A lot has changed in our own portfolio and the landscape . Blue Bloods looked like a one off but then it held and even grew. Then we saw Gold Rush Alaska and Smackdown thrive. Then we saw Fringe get a big audience from DVR. We also now have 2 new hits, Suits and Necessary Roughness so with 9 shows the puzzle on how we schedule means we have too many shows and cannot fit all Tue-Thu so we relooked at Friday and based on the data over the last 3-4 months found an opportunity especially as we think these shows pair well together. Also would not describe Fairly Legal struggling to survive at all. Audience much bigger than shows like Mad Men, Killing etc. Last year Friday looked dead to us but in this business the only way to stay #1 (or try to) is to always be ready to rethink & take another look about anything – even if your opinion was very firm just a few months ago.”

Personally, I’m happy to see some quality programming move back to Fridays. When Monk went off the air I was hoping USA would keep Psych (and whatever show they decided to pair with it, at the time White Collar) on Fridays. I’ve always thought part of the problem with not having viewers on Friday was partly because viewers learned not to tune in on Fridays because everything was a typically a repeat or a show that was struggling in the ratings.

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