Fox Cancels Terra Nova

This news shouldn’t shock anyone. After a premiere that was pushed back over and over and a season that didn’t live up to ratings expectations, Fox has decided to cancel Terra Nova after one season. It averaged 10.1 million viewers and a 3.6 adult demo rating once you add in a week of DVR playback.

The show is currently being shopped around to other networks by 20th Century Fox Television.

Still, you’d think Fox would give it another shot since Alcatraz is not achieving the ratings they would have liked, as well as the fact that House has officially been canceled as well. You have to imagine that the cost of producing a sci-fi drama that involved a lot of special effect dinosaurs was part of the equation.

Perhaps this means Alcatraz will live on, and so will the highly underrated drama The Finder.

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One thought on “Fox Cancels Terra Nova

  1. Thing is, I didn’t think TN sucked that bad… the story itself intrigued me, but they blew it on bad CGI. Why not take a que from LOST and keep the monsters a mystery? USe sounds and lighting and other effects instead of blowing the budget on computer animation? One of those shows that sounded so much better on paper than it was executed on Fox. Can you imagine if this had been on premium cable like HBO with a big budget?!

    Also. I love Alcatraz. Hope it doesn’t suffer the same fate.

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