Donald Glover Developing Comedy for NBC

Donald GloverCommunity’s Donald Glover is developing a new comedy for NBC, should the network cancel Community after this season (which is likely considering the network moved the half-hour comedy to Fridays and ordered a shortened season). The project is in partnership with 30 Rock co-executive producer Matt Hubbard. Glover was originally a writer on 30 Rock before moving on screen with Community and also appeared on 30 Rock’s live episode last year.

The new sitcom is being developed as a starring vehicle for Glover. NBC is said to be committed to the project, and is close to sealing a deal for a put pilot (with a large penalty fee if it doesn’t move forward) for the show, which would be loosely based on Glover’s life.

The new project is “second position,” meaning that if Community is renewed, the project would not move on.

This news is bittersweet to me. I love Community, but it is clear that NBC has lost faith in the show, especially after they fired show runner/creator Dan Harmon. I’m a huge fan of Glover (and his rap alter ego Childish Gambino) so anything that brings Glover to TV more has to be good.

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