BBC Releases Trailer for Doctor Who Christmas Special

Get ready Whovians, the Doctor has almost returned. The BBC has released a trailer for the annual Christmas episode.

The special, entitled The Snowmen, will introduce the Doctor’s new companion Clara, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, and show the doctor embarking with his new companion on a mission to save Christmas from the villainous Doctor Simeon and his army of icy snowmen. The episode will air on Christmas day at 9pm/8c on BBC America.

“The Doctor at Christmas is one of my favorite things — but this year it’s different. He’s lost Amy and Rory to the Weeping Angels, and he’s not in a good place: in fact, he’s Scrooge,” said executive producer Steven Moffat in a statement. “He’s withdrawn from the world and no longer cares what happens to it. So when all of humanity hangs in the balance, can anyone persuade a tired and heartbroken Doctor that it’s time to return to the good fight. Enter Jenna-Louise Coleman …”

In addition to the trailer, BBC also aired a prequel minisode to the Christmas special. Watch both below.

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