Matt Smith Set to Leave Doctor Who

Matt Smith Doctor WhoMatt Smith, the 11th actor to portray the title character in Doctor Who, is set to end his 4 year run with the 2013 Christmas special according to The Sun.

Smith, whose contract as the Doctor ends in November, is said to be setting his sites on Hollywood. He will be appearing in the upcoming Ryan Gosling film How To Catch A Monster. Smith will also be appearing in the upcoming 50th Anniversary Doctor Who special, which will air in November, as well as the current Who season that premiered on March 30th in the US.

Smith has grown to be my favorite Doctor. His energy and humor brought a great deal of fun to the character. His fourth year as the Doctor saw some major changes to the show. Last year saw the departure of his 3 year long companionship with Rory and Amy and this year saw the introduction of new companion Clara Oswald, portrayed by Jenna-Louise Coleman, as well as a brand new interior for the Tardis.

Producers of the show reportedly have some idea of who they want to replace Smith.

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