Is Don Draper D.B. Cooper?

mad men
An interesting theory is making its way around the internet regarding the ending of AMC’s Mad Men. The theory that says that Don Draper is famed hijacker D.B. Cooper is very interesting. In an article, posted on Medium, the author discusses the cycle of Don’s (as well as the rest of the characters as Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce) character throughout the series and fears where he may be heading.

As Don sinks deeper and deeper in Season Six — and the show approaches the 1970s — he is preparing himself for a new identity. If you need any further clues, the season’s billboard shows two Don Drapers. The Don Draper we know faces us while looking over his shoulder at a different Don Draper, who is standing beneath an arrow that prominently states “One Way.” The Don facing us holds the hand of a woman; the one walking away carries an attaché case as police stand around looking in different directions, perhaps trying to find a man who has disappeared.

Go read the full article. It makes some really interesting points. I don’t think this is how the show would end. Viewers would have a fit if that’s how it ended, but what a water cooler moment it would be if Draper did turn into Cooper.

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One thought on “Is Don Draper D.B. Cooper?

  1. DB (Dan) Cooper was wearing a clip-on tie that night. Don Draper would never wear a clip-on tie. Great theory though, lots of fun.

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